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March 28, 2018
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March 28, 2018

Forever Essential Oils Peppermint

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Forever Living delivers nature’s purest Peppermint Oil to invigorate and refresh.

The use of peppermint dates back to ancient Roman and Greek culture when peppermint was used as décor and an aromatic in addition to being a popular flavoring in sauces and foods.

15ml bottle


Our farms of over 85 years with naturally higher menthol content, providing the cooling effect that peppermint is known for, is where our oils are produced.

To ensure quality, each Forever Essential Oil goes through several steps. A special team does the growing, cultivating and producing essential oils to evaluate each oil using smell, sight or organoleptic verification. An FC-MS lab analysis is performed to ensure that each batch of essential oils meets the quality and potency required by Forever.

Forever Essential Oils Peppermint – 100% Pure. 100% Fresh.

Enjoy the benefits of Forever Essential Oils Peppermint, a formula exclusively to Forever Living & Forever Living Products.



how to use:
Dilute 2 to 4 drops with water, carrier oil or lotion for topical or aromatic use.


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