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March 29, 2018
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Forever Sun Lips

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Looking for a perfect shield against sun damage, try Forever Sun Lips which provides soothing botanicals to help soften, calm and soothe irritated, chapped lips.

.15 oz tube


SPF30 properties
• Wide Range – UVA & UVB defense
• Moisturizing effects from Jojoba seed oil and soothing fom Aloe Vera
• Cooling Mint sensation

Harsh weather conditions can all take a toll on the delicate tissues of our lips, leaving them feeling cracked, sore, irritated and dry. Protecting our lips is just as important as protecting our skin from such environmental damage, yet we often neglect these tissues as we focus on moisturizing our face and body.

Interestingly, Sunburn damage can happen not only in the summer months, but any time of year, and cold, dry winter weather can make such damage feel and look much worse. With its wide range SPF30 sunscreen armour, Forever Sun Lips aids to prevent sunburn and protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Applied before sun exposure, and reapplied whenever needed.

Jojoba oil recognized for it’s moisturizing properties for the skin, and can help to soften the tissues of the lips while Aloe Vera acts to naturally soothe and calm, as well as provide a layer of moisture. Allantoin aids to soothe soft skin, and natural mint gives Forever Sun Lips a cooling sensation that also eases irritation.

Forever Sun Lips aids and relieves chapped or cracked lips. With soothing ingredients to help protect the lips from the drying effects of wind and cold weather, and calm red, sore, irritated tissues, Forever Sun Lips is the perfect daily addition to anyone’s skin care regimen.

Enjoy the benefits of Forever Sun Lips, a formula exclusively to Forever Living & Forever Living Products.


how to use:
Apply before sun exposure or anytime the lips need extra moisture. Reapply as needed.



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