FAB Forever Active Boost Energy Drink
March 28, 2018
Forever Bee Honey
March 28, 2018

FAB X Forever Active Boost

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FAB is a fast, refreshing way to keep energized and alert all day long.

FAB’s “boost” is completely different from other energy drinks because it gives you both immediate and long-term energy. The immediate boost comes from guarana, whereas the long-term energy is powered by ADX7 technology.

12 8.4 fl oz cans


  • No calories, no carbs & no sugars
  • Quick energy boost, without the long term crash
  • Powered by a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs

FAB X Forever Active Boost Energy Drink provides a healthy alternative including vitamins, amino acids and electrolytes without the calories, sugar or carbs. Do you ever wish you had more time to attain your goals? We created Fab X to assist you keep aligned with your health and fitness goals, whereas still enjoying the same nice taste and advantages you’ve come to expect from Forever Living.

Not only is an immediate, fast energy boost necessary from time to time, but long term energy without the crash helps propel you through your busy lifestyle without compromising your fitness goals. No calories, no sugar, and no carbs make Fab X the right go-to drink when you crave a refreshing pick-me-up. Guarana, a natural ingredient, contributes to the immediate effects of Fab X, whereas the long term energy is fueled by ADX7 Technology, a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, aminos & electrolytes formulated by a leading sports scientist.

The endurance, concentration, energy, and vitamins you’ll get from Fab X will revitalize you and help boost your productivity without the sugar and calories. Everyone needs an occasional energy boost, and Fab X provides a healthy alternative you can fancy confidently.

Enjoy the advantages of FAB X Forever Active Boost Energy Drink, a formula exclusive to Forever Living & Forever Living Products.



how to use:
Enjoy anytime for a natural energy boost.


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